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The Healing Art Cart Program

What if there was a simple way to make the experience of being hospitalized a lot more pleasant?

Inspired by Evidence-Based Art research and the desire to have a real impact with his art, Peter C. Blanchard created the Healing Art Cart program to bring the beauty of nature to those who have difficulty getting out to see it first-hand.

The idea is simple: fill a cart with beautiful, calming artwork, bring it through the hospital unit at regular intervals, and let patients choose what goes on display in their own rooms.

All artwork includes elements shown by Evidence-Based Art research to reduce stress and improve health outcomes, ensuring that the program provides therapeutic benefit as well as aesthetic value.


The combination of appropriate artwork with a simple yet elegant program design provides the following benefits:
  • Reduced stress and anxiety for clients, staff, and visitors.
  • Improved health outcomes for clients receiving any kind of medical care.
  • Reduced costs from lower staff turnover rates and reduced cost of care.
  • Increased income by elevating the perceived quality of your organization in the view of prospective clients, foundations and donors.

While designed for hospitals, the Healing Art Cart program can be adapted for retirement centers, memory care facilities, hospice residencies, and many other locations.

Please download the Healing Art Cart Info Sheet (PDF) to learn more, and Contact Peter directly to find out if the Healing Art Cart is a good fit for your facility.

Get Involved:

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Art Than Never Gets Old

Peter C. Blanchard specializes in providing fine art nature and landscape photography for homes and businesses in the greater Portland area. His focus is on using the calming power of nature imagery to create spaces that reduce stress, encourage focus, and generally improve the lives of those who spend time in the space. His unique Art Rotation service allows you to fill your space with stunning artwork for a fixed monthly or annual cost, and then rotate in new art at regular intervals so that your space is always fresh and alive.


The lease-to-own option means that if you fall in love with something you have on rotation, you will already be earning credit toward the purchase price. You may also receive discounts on your monthly bills through the Referral Rewards program, up to and including getting your artwork completely for free.

Custom Plans:

Every plan is customized to fit the needs and budget of each client. Clients range in size from individuals with only one or two pieces of artwork in their home or office, all the way up to large companies with multi-million dollar budgets. Peter has worked hard to create a variety of plans to meet every need, and is confident that he can provide a plan that will be just the right fit – for you.

Download the PDF Price Sheet to get a sense for the options, and then Contact Peter today for a free consultation.
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For Art Rotation Clients:

It's not uncommon for Art Rotation clients to fall in love with one or more of the pieces they are leasing. The great news is that 50% of all monthly payments are automatically accrued as credit toward the purchase of leased artwork. Artwork can be purchased by simply paying the remaining balance, or contracts can be easily converted to a purchase plan with the same monthly payment.

For Everyone Else:

While many people use the Art Rotation service as a “try-before-you-buy,” some people know right away that they have just got to own this art! The PDF Price Sheet shows pricing for the most popular print sizes in both paper and aluminum. For your convenience, prints on photo paper can be ordered directly from the Art section of this website.

For larger pieces or purchasing many pieces at once, convenient payment plans are available. Please Contact Peter for a quote and payment terms.
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Commercial Photography

Commercial photography services are available on a per-project basis. Please Contact Peter with details about your project in order to get a quote or a referral.

Peter's favorite commercial projects include:

  • Night photography, including outdoor landscape or lighting projects.
  • Semi-natural outdoor projects, including creative landscape design and whimsical architecture.
  • Capturing artistic detail, including mosaic or mural work, as well as other artwork.
  • The very small, including insects, flowers, and other macro work.


Photography Tutoring – Individual or Small Group

This is no ordinary photography class. This is hands-on, spending time with an expert, focusing on exactly what you want to know.

Customized tutoring:

Rather than following a curriculum, each tutoring session is catered to your specific questions and challenges. We will be hands on, working to improve each aspect of your photography know-how until you can create images that you are proud of.

This format is open to photographers of any skill level, but is most valuable for people who consider themselves to be "advanced beginners," or at some intermediate level with their photography. It is required that you are shooting with a DSLR or other camera that offers full manual control.

Available for individuals or small groups.
Please Contact Peter for custom pricing.

Coming Soon:

Peter will soon be partnering with Evergreen Escapes to provide professional photography instruction as part of their guided tours. Please contact them if you are interested in combining photography instruction with a tour.
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