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Evidence-Based Art

Your intuition may tell you that certain kinds of imagery will have soothing, stress-reducing effects. In fact, there is a great deal of research to back this up.

Whether you are in charge of choosing art for a healing environment, seeking to increase the focus and satisfaction of your employees, or just want to decorate your home in a way that will put you at ease, the recommendations here will guide your way.

Recommended Elements:

Proven Benefits

Research has shown that appropriate artwork can positively impact:

Clinical Indicators

Reduced heart rate & blood pressure; lower intake of pain medication; shorter hospital stays; improved post-surgical outcomes.

Reported Experience

Greater satisfaction with services received; shorter perceived wait-times; lower reported anxiety; greater employee satisfaction; better reported management of pain.

Economic Outcomes

Improved job satisfaction; increased employee attendance rates; reduced staff turn-over rates; improved focus and performance resulting from stress reduction; reduced cost of care in medical environments.

Download Peter's Brief Guide to Evidence-Based Art (PDF) to learn more.



Calm, non-turbulent water such as rivers, streams and lakes. Avoid dangerous-looking rapids or stormy oceans.


Non-Threatening Wildlife

Only wildlife that is condsidered safe and/or friendly. Avoid images of larger animals staring directly at the viewer.



Visual depth or openness, verdant foliage, warm seasons, deflected vistas, and positive cultural artifacts.


Flowers & Gardens

Healthy, fresh-looking vegetation, vibrant colors, familiar plants, gardens with foreground openness.

Although certain kinds of imagery provide therapeutic benefit, others may actually be detrimental to the healing process. Please Contact Peter for assistance choosing the best artwork for your space.

Get Involved:

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Artist Statement

I have been an artist my whole life, though it took me many years to realize why. Whether drawing with charcoal & pencils late into the night, as I did so many times in college, or walking in the wilderness with my camera in hand, what I have come to recognize is that art is my meditation. There is little else that is so effective at quieting my thoughts and bringing my entire consciousness into the present moment.

Photography is an interest that I inherited from my father, which took many years of experimentation and exploration to develop into the passion that it is for me today. I love it because it is an art form that teaches me to be exactly where I am. The lens - a window to the present moment - reminds me to look. I find joy in creating a beautiful or intriguing image, but I am a photographer because the act itself feeds me. It is my answer the chaos of life.

The art that I create in this process often comes to embody a specific moment in the journey of my life. These are moments that at once isolate and also unite – for nobody else will ever experience my struggles, my broken heart, my encounters with suicide, my confusion, my transformation, my hope, my joy, my rebirth; but these are universal experiences that each of us will find in our own ways as we learn what it is to live.

One of my primary goals in creating Manifest Photography has been to bring the healing power of natural beauty into the world of city living. There is a lot to love about living in the city, but I find that in doing so we often miss out on the mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits offered by the experience of observing natural beauty. I believe that this can be especially important in places of healing and recovery, such as clinics and hospitals, where a beautiful image might make the difference between a scary or stressful environment and a calming space in which to heal. Manifest Photography is about creating space for beauty in our every day lives, and realizing my vision that city life and natural beauty should not be mutually exclusive.
- Peter Blanchard

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Gregory E.


Deanna S.


Wren S.


Allyndreth S.


Scott F.


Stephen K.

"I am a therapist in private practice, and I recently hired Peter Blanchard to install some of his art in my new office. My clients have had an overwhelmingly positive response to it, and many have found the images to be simultaneously soothing and inspiring. Peter has been refreshingly easy and fun to work with in the process. I would highly recommend including his art in any kind of space that is meant to be therapeutic."


Alisha M.

"Peter is such a pleasure to work with! I especially appreciate the mindful presence and deep appreciation he brings to his art... The translation of which is a clearly palpable peace within my wellness haven!"


Eric G.

“Peter has provided art for our clinic space in SE Portland. We were looking to create a more vibrant, beautiful atmosphere for our patients. The fact that we can change out the art twice a year was a real bonus - and something unique that Peter provides. He's really wonderful to work with - a rare balance of personability and orientation around details. The art is the main thing, though. Beautiful shots, wonderful quality, mounted for us. His pictures have a real "aliveness" that is perfect for the healing work we do. I only regret we cannot have 20 pictures in the office!”


Renee S.

“Peter has been providing art for the walls at Rose City Mortgage for the past 2 years. His art is beautiful and it is truly a joy to work with him! I also appreciate that he's a perfectionist, like me. Peter is fantastic. We will ALWAYS get our art from him!”


Kolin L.

“Peter is a talented photographer with an amazing eye for beauty. He is very knowledgeable and has a great work ethic. Working with him has been a true pleasure. His photography has been a center piece at our home since my fiancee and I moved in. Everyone who visits is immediately drawn to his work and blown away by it. His art leasing program is perfect for those who want fine art to grace their walls without paying an arm and a leg up front. I would recommend Peter and Manifest Photography to anyone!”

Coming Soon . . .

This section coming soon - check back for detailed information in the near future.

Please Contact Peter directly if you would like to know more in the mean time. Thanks for your patience!

1% For The World

We are proud to announce that beginning in 2015, 1% of all profits will be donated to charity. This will include profits made from art sales, art rotation contracts, healing art cart contracts, commercial work, and even Peter's new Patreon page (where you can support the work he is doing to bring soothing imagery to those who need it most).

The first charity recipient will be Doctors Without Borders, who still lead the critical effort to contain the ebola outbreak in west Africa.

Other charities will be considered for future contributions, and you are encouraged to Contact Peter if you would like to recommend a charity for consideration. Highest priority will go to those making a tangible difference in:

  • Health & Wellness
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Economic Inequality
  • Education

HeadstART Program

With a belief that access to good art should not be reserved for those with larger budgets, Peter now offers a limited number of clients the opportunity to take part in his Art Rotation service on a sliding scale. While anyone is welcome to apply, first priority will be given to new or small organizations whose purpose aligns with the core values listed above.

The number of active HeadstART recipients is limited to 3 at any given time. Please Contact Peter to inquire about availability.

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